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What Makes Shear Rams Different From Blind Rams?

Author: Helen

Mar. 29, 2024

Distinguishing Shear Rams from Blind Rams

In the realm of drilling site safety, distinguishing between shear rams and blind rams is paramount. Both types of ram blowout preventers (BOPs) employ opposing steel rams to prevent blowouts in a wellbore by shearing off tubulars and sealing the well. However, their operational mechanisms differ significantly.

Exploring the Operation of BOP

Shear Rams:

Shear rams, like BOP Products Shearing Blind Rams (SBRs), have the capacity to shear a pipe in the drill hole and then bend the cut section to seal it shut. For enhanced shearing capabilities, the Interlocking Shear Ram (ISR) is an excellent alternative to standard SBR rams. These should be used when standard rams cannot handle the desired shearing load.

Blind Rams:

Blind ram BOPs primarily function to close off openings for tubing or drill strings when there is no production occurring in the well. The Dual Shearing Blind Ram (DS) is a specialized type of ram BOP capable of cutting through multiple tubing strings or larger diameter tubulars regardless of their positioning relative to the ram's centerline. DS rams can also serve as blind rams during typical drilling operations.

Blowout Prevention Equipment and Functionality:

Both blind rams and shear rams serve as gate valves to control oil flow through the drill pipe and can seal the well when necessary. Shear rams, such as SBRs, can repeatedly shear pipe without damaging their cutting edge. Additionally, annular BOPs can close the annular space around a drill string to prevent unplanned fluid migration.

Utilization of Shear Rams and Blind Rams in the Oilfield:

Understanding the differences between shear rams and blind rams enables operators to choose the most suitable option for their oilfield operations. Other types of BOP rams, like variable bore rams and pipe rams, further enhance safety on drilling sites and are compatible with BOP Products Series 700 (U) BOPs.

For comprehensive insights into shear rams and blind rams, reach out to HRSB for expert guidance and consultation.






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