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What Factors Can Affect Spring Life?

Author: Hou

Oct. 31, 2023

How long do you expect a typical spring to last? This is a common question. You might think that a spring will always return to its original shape as long as it is never stretched beyond the point of springing back. However, the life of a spring depends on many factors.



Spring Design

Are they designed for their intended purpose? When choosing a spring, remember to pay attention to what it will be used for and how it will be used. Is the strength or the elasticity of the spring important? If you are unsure, an expert can help guide your decision.


Quality of Manufacturing Materials

The life of a spring is also related to the quality and modulus of elasticity of the material used in its manufacture. Make sure your springs are made of the best quality material for the desired application. For example, stainless steel springs are strong, have low stress relaxation, and are resistant to corrosion and heat. However, their performance decreases at temperatures below freezing.


Application Pressure

Each time a spring is stressed, the material loses some of its integrity. This may include micro cracks as well as bending or warping. When fracture occurs, the spring may fail due to metal fatigue, which is a condition in which the metal cracks due to physical stress. When the stress on a spring exceeds its physical limits, bending and warping may occur, which destroys the original coiled shape and fracture may occur Give a practical example of a torsion spring and talk about a spring for garage doors. Garage door springs break because the spring wire flexes a little each time the door opens and closes. They typically wear out at the same rate and if installed at the same time (recommended), expect them to break within six months. The industry standard for these springs is a life cycle of about 10,000-15,000 uses or an average spring life of about 5 years. You can choose to add several sizes of spring steel wire and increase the spring life to over 100,000 cycles with extra long life springs.


Environmental Factors

Environmental factors are also related to its life span. Exposure to water, certain chemicals and weather changes can affect the integrity of the metal. If a spring begins to rust or corrode, the material will not be as strong as it once was. Over time, this may cause the metal to give way near the damaged area.


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