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What are 3 rules with disposable gloves?

Author: Hou

Apr. 05, 2024

### Rule 1: Choose the Right Type of Gloves.

When using disposable gloves, it is important to choose the right type for the task at hand. There are different types of disposable gloves available, such as latex, nitrile, and vinyl. Latex gloves are suitable for working with water-based solutions, while nitrile gloves are more resistant to chemicals and punctures. Vinyl gloves are a cost-effective option for tasks that do not require a high level of protection. Make sure to select the gloves that provide the appropriate level of protection for the specific task you will be performing.

### Rule 2: Properly Put On and Take Off Gloves.

What are 3 rules with disposable gloves?

Properly putting on and taking off disposable gloves is crucial to prevent contamination and ensure your safety. When putting on gloves, ensure your hands are clean and dry before slipping them on. Avoid touching the outside of the gloves to prevent contamination. When taking off gloves, grasp the outside of one glove near the wrist and peel it away, turning it inside out. Hold the removed glove in the gloved hand and slide a finger from your bare hand under the remaining glove near the wrist to remove it without touching the outside of the glove. Dispose of the gloves properly after use.

### Rule 3: Change Gloves When Necessary.

Disposable gloves should be changed whenever they become contaminated, torn, or damaged. It is important to regularly inspect your gloves for signs of wear and tear, such as holes or tears. If you come into contact with a hazardous material, immediately remove and replace your gloves to prevent exposure. Additionally, gloves should be changed between different tasks to prevent cross-contamination. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly before putting on a new pair of gloves to maintain a high level of hygiene.

By following these 3 rules with disposable gloves, you can ensure proper protection and hygiene in various settings. Remember to choose the right type of gloves, properly put on and take off gloves, and change gloves when necessary to maintain a safe and clean environment.

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