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Your Position: Home - Electrical Equipment & Supplies - RF970 positioning type intrusion detection system provides a security guarantee for a prison in Hunan

RF970 positioning type intrusion detection system provides a security guarantee for a prison in Hunan

Author: Ingrid

Sep. 15, 2023



Recently, a prison in Hunan province has introduced a positioning type fiber intrusion detection system called RF970, developed by Raycom, providing a new solution for prison security monitoring. The system adopts a high-precision intrusion positioning algorithm, and achieving accurate intrusion positioning function.

The scene for this project is the first phase, with a total length of about 801 meters. The guide cable uses 4-core optical cable, which is laid through pipes and has a total length of 380 meters. The sensitive optical cable uses 6-core optical cable and is laid on the steel mesh, which has a length of about 197 meters and a height of about 5 meters, divided into upper and lower mesh parts. The optical cable is laid on the lower mesh part in an S-shape and has a total length of 421 meters.

With rich experience and professional skills, the engineer team of Raycom has successfully completed the installation and test work. Field testing results show that whether it is knocking or climbing operations on the steel mesh, pillar or frame, the positioning accuracy is within the range of 5-10 meters, and satisfactory results have also been achieved in terms of resisting wind and rain interference.

This successful installation of the RF970 system in Hunan undoubtedly provides strong support for prison security monitoring. With professional knowledge and technology, the engineers of Raycom have successfully demonstrated the advanced performance of the RF970 system. We expect that in subsequent phase of this project, RF970 will continue to demonstrate its precise positioning performance and anti-interference ability, providing stronger support for the safety monitoring of the prison.






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