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How to test lightning arrester leakage current?

Author: Shirley

Jun. 17, 2024

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**How to test lightning arrester leakage current?**.

1. What equipment is needed to test lightning arrester leakage current?

2. How to perform the test step by step?

3. What are the precautions to take during the test?


**Equipment needed:**.

- Multimeter.

- Stopwatch.

- Insulation resistance tester.

**Test procedure:**.

1. Make sure the lightning arrester is properly grounded before starting the test.

2. Use the multimeter to measure the resistance between the lightning arrester terminals and ground. It should show a value close to zero ohms.

3. Disconnect the lightning arrester from the system to isolate it for testing.

4. Use the insulation resistance tester to measure the leakage current of the lightning arrester. Connect one terminal of the tester to the lightning arrester terminal and the other to ground.

5. Apply a test voltage as per the manufacturer's recommendation and record the leakage current value.

6. Repeat the test for each terminal of the lightning arrester.

7. Calculate the average leakage current for the lightning arrester based on the recorded values.


1. Ensure that the lightning arrester is completely disconnected from the system to avoid any interference during the test.

2. Verify the test voltage and settings of the insulation resistance tester before conducting the test to prevent any damage to the lightning arrester.

3. Follow proper safety guidelines and use personal protective equipment while performing the test to avoid any accidents or injuries.

4. Record all test results accurately and compare them with the manufacturer's specifications to determine if the lightning arrester is functioning correctly.

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