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How Does Using Medical Staples Work?

Author: May

Jul. 09, 2024

How Does Using Medical StaplesMedical Staples Work?

Medical staples are commonly used to close incisions and wounds in surgery. Here is a step-by-step guide on how using medical staples works:

Step 1: Preparing the Area.

Before the medical staples are applied to the incision or wound, the area must be cleaned and dried. Then, the wound edges are brought together and held in place with forceps.

Step 2: Placing the Medical Staples.

The medical staples are applied using a stapling device. The device is placed over the wound and the handle is squeezed to activate the device. As the device applies pressure, two staple lines are formed on either side of the wound.

Step 3: Checking the Alignment.

After placing the medical staples, it is important to check the alignment of the staple lines. Misalignment could cause issues with the healing process or result in scarring. To ensure proper alignment, the surgeon will gently tug on the wound edges to check for any splitting or gaping.

Step 4: Removing the Forceps.

Once the medical staples are placed and checked, the forceps are removed. This allows the wound to close properly and securely.

Step 5: Sterilizing the Area.

After the medical staples are in place, the area is once again cleaned and sterilized to prevent infection. The area is usually covered with a sterile dressing to protect the wound.

Step 6: Healing Process.

The healing process for a wound closed with medical staples is similar to other methods of wound closure. The staples provide support for the wound until it can heal on its own. Over time, the staples are absorbed into the body and do not need to be removed, unlike other forms of wound closure such as sutures or stitches.

Overall, medical staples are a safe and effective method for closing a variety of wounds and incisions. However, it is important to consult a medical professional to determine the best method of wound closure for each individual case.

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